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Offline installation and troubleshooting

The version 1.1 of ApiOmat Analytics was improved by supporting offline installation. NodeJs und those node plugins which are listed below will be delivered within the deb- and rpm-packages.

First of all, you have to install one of the analytics packages as it is described in the installation guide. If analytics doesn't work, you can try one of the following troubleshooting tips:

  • try "sudo countly status". If it says that the forever command is not found, you have to install forever and grunt manually:

    1. use this node_modules.zip

    2. put both folders in /usr/lib/node_modules - if this directory doesn't exist, you have to create it (with sudo)

    3. remove old grunt and forever symlinks and create new ones:

      sudo rm /usr/bin/forever
      sudo ln -s /usr/lib/node_modules/forever/bin/forever /usr/bin/forever
      sudo rm /usr/bin/grunt
      sudo ln -s /usr/lib/node_modules/grunt-cli/bin/grunt /usr/bin/grunt
    4. now "sudo countly status" should work

  • if the error log says, that one plugin couldn't be found or loaded, you have to remove (or rename) the old plugin folder in /opt/aomanalytics and use the plugin folder from the plugins_1.1.2.zip. Unzip this file on the server and move the new plugin folder into your /opt/aomanalytics directory:

    sudo unzip plugins.zip
    sudo mv /opt/aomanalytics/plugins /opt/aomanalytics/plugins_old
    sudo mv plugins /opt/aomanalytics/plugins
  • if you're updating Analytics and you get an error, because you have no permission to remove /usr/bin/countly, you can simply delete this file with "sudo rm" and then retry the update process

  • analytics is running, but there are no processes shown, when using "countly status"command and you don't know how to restart it

    • check old process manager: "forever list"

    • check with normal and root user: "countly status" with or without "sudo", this could be a problem since the nodejs module uses the users home directory to save the process IDs of the running nodejs servers

    • check with "ps aux" for nodejs apiomat analytics tasks and kill the main task with "kill -9 [pid]"

After modifying ApiOmat analytics you have to restart countly:

sudo countly restart