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Server and process management

Analytics comes with its own process manager pm2 for start/stop and checking health of your nodejs servers.

Checking Status

sudo countly status

If there are no servers running, try:

start analytics
sudo countly start

If there is already a countly running and "sudo countly status" doesnt list you two running node servers, it could be, that you have to use the root shell (sudo su) and then "countly status". This is a problem in the node module with is used as process management tool.

Process Manager

Since version 1.1.2 apiomat analytics is using pm2 as process manager. This provides more useful features, that you can access with following commands:

pm2 usage
# Process Monitoring
sudo pm2 list # List all processes started with PM2
sudo pm2 show [countly-api|countly-dashboard] # Show all information about application
# Log management
sudo pm2 logs # Display logs of all apps
sudo pm2 logs [countly-api|countly-dashboard] # Display logs for a specific app