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Installation with Docker

The documents in this section outline all the necessary steps for the enterprise installation of ApiOmat as Docker container.


First of all, Docker has to be installed in the system:

Windows (supported Docker version >= 17.09)



  • Follow the official Docker installation instructions

  • Based on Hyper V - therefore VirtualBox is no longer executable

  • For MongoDB a Docker volume must be used

You can also check this page for more information about hardware requirements and used software.

Select installation type

Docker provides multiple possibilities to run ApiOmat containers, you have to choose one of the following, which best fits your needs:

Be aware, you have to configure ApiOmat with these environmental variables:

Preparations before starting containers

  • Change SuperAdmin in environment variables at first startup

  • Get an online license key from your CSM contact at ApiOmat and ask for access to the docker repositories

  • Configure firewall rules for ports (only if all three containers aren't running on the same machine.)

Next Steps