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Building your first App in ApiOmat Studio

ApiOmat App Studio is a powerful tool for building no-code apps for iOS, and soon Android. This tutorial will show you how to use ApiOmat Studio to build apps and teach you the concepts necessary to build your own app.

The app we will build - MMW Painter Count List

In this tutorial, we will build the MMW Painter app. This app was conceptualized and built for an automobile manufacturer. The purpose of the app is to replaced a paper-based process where paint shop employees would track how the amount of paint used by a specific machine.


The app consists of a log-in screen, a selection screen, a list screen and a detailed view screen. Once an app users logs in, they can create a new entry. The user can also view previous entries on the list screen and view more specific information by tapping on a list item that will take them to the detailed view.

To build this app, we'll break it down into the following sections

  1. Setting up the Backend

  2. Installing ApiOmat Studio

  3. Configuring the Basic Settings

  4. Building the Start Screen

  5. Building the List Screen

  6. Connecting the App to the Backend

  7. Saving Data with Button Interactions

  8. Adding the Log-in Screen

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