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The documents in this section outline all the necessary steps for the Enterprise Installation of ApiOmat .

Select Installer

Firstly, decide which installation variant you would like to use:

All supported operating systems can be found at the requirements page. Then, before running ApiOmat , kindly set up your operating systems as outlined on our System preparations page.

After installation

Finally, after completing your installation, review the next steps:

Common (all operating systems)

  • Configure Hazelcast

  • Create SuperAdmin by sending a POST request to /yambas/rest/initSuperAdmin with form parameters "email" and "password" (not necessary when using the graphical installer)

    • e.G.: curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/yambas/rest/initSuperAdmin -d "email=apinaut@apiomat.com&password=secret"
  • Change Default Organization password in apidocs and apiomat.yaml

  • Obtain a license key

  • Harden your installation

  • Remove or set up firewall rules for the installer and admin webapp from Tomcat container

  • Run the graphical installer

Please visit the FAQ section for questions and solutions.

Linux only

You can activate the backup script for the restore module by executing chmod a+x /etc/cron.daily/restoreModule on each application server

* link only available in Enterprise Documentation