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Version 3.2.2

Remarkable changes

Remarkable changes do not affect system stability after ApiOmat upgrade, but may require changes in configuration, apps, or modules in the next development cycle.

Query Parsing

The query parser is more strict for queries containing a dot and an unknown prefix. Wrong Queries like "this.id" or "unknownAttribute.id" do not work anymore and should be corrected.

Create/Update MetaModelAttribute

It is no longer possible to create a reference attribute and pass a regular expression, minLength or maxLength patterns. Before, those three parameters were ignored silently when creating a reference attribute.
Now we indicate that patterns can't be set for reference attributes

  • valid data types for using patterns are: Long, Double, String,Date, List (if the generic type is one of the types in this itemization)

  • in Native Module classes, reference attributes can't be annotated with @Size or @Pattern anymore

All changes in the current and previous versions can be found at the root page.

All deprecations and their removal date can be found at Deprecations and Migration.


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