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Version 2.5.2

Remarkable changes

Remarkable changes do not affect system stability after ApiOMat upgrade, but may require changes in configuration, apps, or modules in the next development cycle.

  • 2.5 introduced a change in the classloading behaviour. To switch back to the previous behaviour, set useOldClassloader=true in yambas conf oryambas.useOldClassloader:true in apiomat.yaml

  • The version of the maven-dependency-plugin should be pinned to 2.1. Otherwise, libraries will be duplicated and lead to unforseen behaviour. Please remove these duplicates. ApiOmat 2.5.2 delivers a fixed pom.xml for new modules. Read more about that in the warning-note on the Maven Integration page. Update pom.xml of any existing module, remove duplicates.

  • Analytics SDK updated to server version 16.12.3 (backward compatible with older versions)

All changes in the current and previous versions can be found at the root page.

All deprecations and their removal date can be found at Deprecations and Migration.