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Version 2.5.6

Breaking changes

Breaking changes may require changes in configuration, apps, or native module code after an ApiOmat upgrade to ensure system stability.

  • Any method in NativeModules that takes an appName parameter will now check whether the owner of the backend for which the request was originally made has permissions on the backend that is given by the appName parameter. Additionally, any non-transient reference that is loaded gets checked for correct permissions. If empty or random Strings are passed as appName or if the request-originating backendowner does not have the permissions on the given backend, an unauthorized exception will be thrown. The additional permission check on references should not lead to problems, as it only prevents against a complex attack scenario with multiple implications related to knowledge against another backend. The additional checks can be suppressed by setting strictChecks=false (on yambas.conf) or yambas.strictChecks:false (on apiomat.yaml)

All changes in the current and previous versions can be found at the root page.

All deprecations and their removal date can be found at Deprecations and Migration.