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Basic settings

Each app's basic settings can be set using the App Settings box in the Project Map. Click on the App Settings box and the Basic Settings menu will open on the right-hand side of the screen. Basic settings are broken down into two categories, App Settings and App Styles.

App Settings

The App Settings allows us to set up the basic information for our app such as the app's name, icon and the start screen.

Screen Formats

Select the size of devices the app will support (phones, tablets or both) in the Screen formats section . Additionally, we can set which screen orientations the app supports. To enable support for a device size or a screen orientation, click on the button. Blue text indicates that the device size or screen orientation is supported.

Each app in ApiOmat Studio also has a base format. The base format is the default screen size for your app, so it's wise to select the most popular device among your targeted app users. Additional screen sizes are automatically supported, and you can also create individual overrides for each device. Overrides allow you to make specific design changes to a screen or an element for other screen sizes.

Publishing Settings

You will need to fill out the fields in this area if you plan to publish your app in the App Store.

App Styles

The App Styles tab provides you with the tools to set the colors and fonts throughout your app. Click on the color boxes to open up a color picker tool which provides a number of tools for finding the right color. You can also use the eye dropper to get an exact color from any images you have uploaded and save colors to the color palette.

The Text Styles allow you to set the font for standard text that appears through out the app. Click on the Base text, Headline, Action or Nav bar title to select a font below. You can use the standard system fonts for iOS and Android, or click other fonts to use a font to suit your app.