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Restore Module


Your data is backed up every night automatically by ApiOmat. Aside from our long-term backups, you have the option to restore your data from one of the last ten days using the restore module.


There's nothing to configure in the Module itself.

But the MongoDB dump and binary paths need to be configured correctly in the apiomat.yaml! It should match the directory that gets used by the restoreModule CRON job on Linux and restore.cmd on Windows (which gets executed by the Task scheduler provided that it was set up correctly during the initial installation of ApiOmat).


After you adding the restore module, you will see an additional sub menu entry in the main menu called “Restore”. A click on this opens the view where you can select one of the last backups to restore. If the list of backups is empty, then no backups are currently available, either because your app does not contain any data or the data is younger than 24 hours.


After selecting a date to restore and hitting the “restore” button, the data on the selected system will be restored.