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Version 19.11.1

Apiomat 19.11.1 consists of Yambas 3.4.1 and Dashboard 3.4.1.

It contains the fixes and improvements of the previously released ApiOmat 3.3.2

Remarkable changes

Remarkable changes do not affect system stability after ApiOMat upgrade, but may require changes in configuration, apps, or modules in the next development cycle.

PHP 7.3 update

The ApiOmat Dashboard now runs with the PHP version 7.3 which is security supported until 6 December 2021. This effects only the installation process where PHP 7.3 dependencies will be loaded.

Supporter Role

It is now possible to add a supporter role to a customer account, which enables that account to view a lot of administrative settings and App-Backend details.

Swift SDK

Length validation for String, Int or Double attributes has been implemented. These attributes can be set with a new setter method and the default setter is private. If the validation fails, an error will be thrown. This error must be caught with try/catch.

All changes in the current and previous versions can be found at the root page.

All deprecations and their removal date can be found at Deprecations and Migration.






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