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How to restore data when using ApiOmat

Well, it happens from time to time that someone (or you) messes up data, deletes parts of it or some magic happens over the weekend; whatsoever and you need to restore your old data. Assuming you created backups this is an easy task when creating a self made backend. But what will you do on a backend as a service solution like ApiOmat?

How to restore data when using the Backend as a Service by ApiOmat

What first comes into mind is creating a ticket in the helpdesk of your service provider, waiting for an answer, perhaps paying a bunch of money for a technican and waiting several hours until you have your data back.

We at ApiOmat think customers need the choice to start restoring their data by themselves, without any costs and instantly. Therefore we created a new goodie for you: the Restore module.


To use it simply add the module on the Module Market page to your app, you will then find it in the My Modules section. Select the day to restore from, hit the restore button - done! And, of course you can restore the data separately for your live and test system.

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