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Simplify the administration and operations of app backends by using ApiOmat as a standard platform.

ApiOmat lets you easily manage your apps from a single platform. Use built-in monitoring tools to view the performance of all ApiOmat. Easily configure the platform, make performance tweaks and backup every app’s data. Stay in control of the platform with Vendor Onboarding, letting you grant granular access rights to organizations and individuals while enforcing agreements and contracts.

Relevant Links: Backups | Monitoring | Performance | Vendor Onboarding

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Key Capabilities

Vendor Onboarding

Manage organizations and individuals and grant them access rights on a granular level. Require contract agreements to gain access.

Detailed monitoring

Have a complete view of system information of all ApiOmat instances.

Easy configuration

Configure ApiOmat to fit your use case and environment.

Backup Data

Easily backup data for all of the apps built on ApiOmat.

How it works

ApiOmat provides administration on various levels.

First of all, the system administrator can monitor ApiOmat and MongoDB using standard tools like Nagios . Furthermore, ApiOmat provides its own monitoring service to get an overview of all cluster nodes and their usage. Basic configuration of ApiOmat can be done via different config files placed in the config directory. System administrators also create organizations, the next account hierarchy in ApiOmat.

Organizations are capable of managing apps and their developers. Organizations manage access rights and enforce contracts for their developers. Each Organizations can log in using the web UI and use the Vendor onboarding interface for these tasks.