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Create your own

You can customize parts of ApiOmat with services. Services can e.g.:

  • Connect to internal legacy systems or other 3rd party systems

  • Provide custom business logic and RESTful interfaces

  • Send emails or push notifications to your users

  • Communicate with other services, including those provided by ApiOmat

Development environment

In this section, we will assume Eclipse is being used as the development environment.


A good starting point is the service tutorial, followed by the development basics page.
We recommend going through the development cycle page as well, as this page contains information on starting/stopping services via the Dashboard, colloborative work and things to watch out for when downloading/uploading services.

There is also a sub-chapter on logic flow and architecture , which explains several important parts of services and lists all service hooks you can use and customize for CRUD operations.

Please make use of Logging and Debugging where applicable.

Be aware that services currently have several limitations compared to native modules.