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Contracts are documents which define legal terms like NDAs, Privacy Policies or TOCs, they can also describe for example, design rules which have to be followed. Contracts can be defined for organizations and/or customers hierarchically. A contract can contain text, a file (like a pdf with more information or design elements to follow) and a description. Furthermore, a valid date can be set which will enable or disable the enforcement to accept this contract.


If a contract is defined for a group of customers or organizations, a window will appear during the next login of that entity, forcing to read and accept the contract. If the contract is not accepted, the login is aborted. The status (accepted / pending) is displayed in the list of users which are assigned to a contract

Contracts created by SuperAdmin

SuperAdmin can define contracts for all organizations and customers, as well as for special customers or organizations.

Contracts created by Organization

Organizations can also define contracts for their customers. Like SuperAdmin, contracts can be also assigned to special customers.