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Organization Users

Organization accounts are created by the SuperAdmin and act as an admin account for a specific internal or external user group.

By logging into the administration dashboard, organizations have access to the following tools:

  • Contracts

  • Customers

  • Roles

  • Audit Log


The first time the organization users logs in, they will have to accept contracts that were assigned to them by the SuperAdmin. The organization user can also create and assign contracts to customer accounts. Similar to contracts that the SuperAdmin assigns, the customers must agree to the contracts before accessing ApiOmat. you can read more about contracts here.



The organization accounts can create and manage customer accounts. Customer accounts give users access to the ApiOmat dashboard as well as the ability to create ApiOmat backends and modules. You can read more about creating users here.



The organization can grant customer accounts within their organization specific roles and access rights to backends, environments and modules. You can read more about roles here.


Audit Log

Here the organization can see all the actions that occur in app backends that belong to its customers.