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Download / Checkout and Import

Depending on how you created your Native Module, you can either download it or check it out from a Git repository.

If you created your module before ApiOmat version 2.1.0, or if you created a "Native Module via JAR" (as described here), then you need to download the module.

If you created a "Native Module via Git" (as described here), then you need to check the module out.

Download (standard modules)

For downloading the new module, one can:

  • use the download dialog in the Dashboard: Modules & UI - Native Modules - Native Module Download (should be listed under the section named like the Native Module)

  • The provided NativeModule Maven Plugin can be used to update the Module Code in one step. (for more information see Upload, Update, Use (JAR) )

  • just call the following Curl statements (fill the placeholders with the suitable values):


    curl -X GET ${URL}/yambas/rest/modules/${MODULENAME}/sdk -u $AUTH > ${MODULENAME}.zip


    curl -X GET %URL%/yambas/rest/modules/%MODULENAME%/sdk -u %AUTH% > %MODULENAME%.zip

Check out (Git based modules)

For checking out the new module you just have to clone the Git repository, or pull the changes if you already cloned it before.


After the content of the downloaded ZIP archive has been extracted into a folder, or a git repository was chcked out, that directory can be imported into Eclipse as a Java project (File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace).


The file stucture is the following:

  • lib/
  • src/
    • com.apiomat.nativemodule.basics/
    • com.apiomat.nativemodule.<module_name>/
  • .project
  • .classpath 
  • pom.xml
  • readme.md
  • snippets.md

For more information about the Upload of Git Modules visit Upload, Update, Use (Git)

Show Javadoc in IntelliJ IDEA

When importing a Native Module into IntelliJ IDEA, some Javadoc isn't shown by default. For example the Javadoc of the AOM attribute in the module's main class, which is an IStaticMethods object and gets injected during runtime of the module. IStaticMethods is part of lib/nativemodule-base.jar and IntelliJ IDEA doesn't pick up the sources by default (while Eclipse does this automatically).

To let IntelliJ IDEA know about the sources and properly show all Javadoc, you need to add for example lib/nativemodule-base.jar as sources.

images/download/attachments/61494659/Screenshot-2020-01-16-at-16.20.51.png images/download/attachments/61494659/Screenshot-2020-01-16-at-16.29.12.png