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Version 21.11.4

This patch version for the third service release of ApiOmat 21.11 has been released on 06th of Sept 2023 and contains an update for the following services:

  • ApiOmat Yambas 3.8.4

  • ApiOmat Dashboard 3.8.2

As well as the unchanged versions ApiOmat Dispatcher 1.10.0, Bouncer 1.2.0, Brewer 2.1.1, Executor 1.3.0, Explorer 1.4.0, Gearhead 2.0.0,  Innkeeper 2.2.0, Analytics 1.7.0.

The new services contain updated dependencies and a fix for the migration routine for the token migration, that was introduced in the previous version. The routine will run again when updating to this version and migrate any not migrated tokens. No further interaction is needed.