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There are out-of-the-box services with ready-to-use business features, but we don’t limit you to these - you can easily create your own services and share them across your projects via the Dashboard. Use Maven-based development to create services to implement complex business logic, integrate legacy systems, consume cloud APIs, and more.

Relevant Links: Create your own service
Tutorial: Introduction to Services

Key Capabilities

Business Logic

Implement your business logic using Java and the Spring framework.

Enhance your cloud

Use predefined services with ready-to-use features. Some of our predefined services are shown in the graph below.

Service Market

Share services across teams via our service market and configure them to fit your project.

Scale easily

Start multiple services with load balancing capability and use a discovery client to handle communication between them.

How it works

Services are cloud-oriented containers for business logic in ApiOmat. They can act in very different ways:

  • As connectors to internal and 3rd party systems, e.g. receiving data from your own application and storing it in ApiOmat

  • As complete use-cases, containing data models and their actions and relations

  • As generators of e.g. PDFs or push notifications from ApiOmat data, either automatically or manually

  • ...

Services are implemented in Java with the Spring Boot framework. React to data model calls, implement your own REST interfaces in minutes and use scaling and load balancing to manage large workloads. Additionally, all data modeling can be done via source code, enabling complete change management via version control tools such as Git.

Services in the ApiOmat Cloud