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Create your own

You can customize parts of ApiOmat with modules. Modules can be:

  • Connectors to internal legacy systems or other 3rd party systems

  • Provide a way to implement business logic

  • Provide a customized RESTful interface

  • Provide a custom authorization machanism

Additionally, to improve deployment with your load balancers, you can implement a notifier.

Development environment

In this section it will be supposed that Eclipse is used as a development environment.


A good starting point is the native module tutorial and the development basics page.

In most cases, it is necessary to create a new module first. If required, other modules can be "used" / imported once this is done but the major part of developing a module is expected to consist of working with the native module technology.

Please make sure that you update your module correctly and that you make use of Logging and Debugging where applicable.

You will most likely need to access objects of meta models in your module. Please note that there also is a sub-chapter for Accessing Data which is meant to provide an overview of available methods.