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GroupChat Module



Using the GroupChat module you can create group conversations with multiple attendees and exchange messages between them.

The creator of a conversation can add any number of attendees.

Any attendee of a conversation is able to post messages into it. The messages in a conversation can only be read by its attendees.

If required, push messages are send to conversation attendees on new messages in the conversation.

The GroupChat module is the successor of the deprecated Chat Module.

Key Capabilities



Create conversations

Any app user is allowed to create new conversation and add attendees.

Send messages

All Attendees can post messages into conversations.
Only other attendees of this conversation are allowed to read this message.

Push messages

If a message is posted into a conversation, a push message is send to its attendees.

Module Setup & Configuration

By default, a push message will be send to all attendees if a message was posted into a conversation.

These push messages can be turned of by changing the module configuration.

Config name

Config value

Push enabled



Backend Use

Create a new conversation and add an attendee
/* create new conversation */
Conversation conversation = new Conversation();
/* add bob to the conversation */
Create new message and post it into a conversation
/* create new message */
Message message = new Message( );
message.setText( "This is a test message!" );
message.save( );
/* post message into conversation */
conversation.postMessenges( message );