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YAMBAS requires a license key or file for successfull startup. Each installation comes with an evaluation license which allows one application to be used in ApiOmat . To obtain your correct license, you have to provide the follwing information to ApiOmat :

  1. Company name

  2. First name

  3. Last name

  4. eMail

  5. Hardware ID

  6. Internet access from system?

Hardware ID

Hardware ID is displayed during the installation tool in web browser. Example: 3e91c3b5d-7ff6-30fc-dbf8-12d811ffeb7f

If you missed to copy the value, just open the tomcat logs at /var/tomcat/logs/catalina.out or C:\tomcat7\logs\catalina.out and search for the following lines:


19.Jan 14:00:27.14 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO LicenseHelper [] - Using internal pubkey.conf from .war file
19.Jan 14:00:27.21 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO LicenseHelper [] - Hardware ID: 2e81c3a5d-7ff6-30fc-aef8-12d828ffeb7b
19.Jan 14:00:27.102 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO LicenseHelper [] - Read license text from file: com.license4j.License@451cb682

Based on the decision, if the system is a productive or testing one, you will get a license text file or a license key.

License text file

A license text file works like a certificate and is delivered as a file. It works completely offline and should be used on systems without direct internet access. Copy the file to the same directory like yambas.conf and edit apiomat.yaml like this:


file :/full/path/to/license.text

Changes in the license requires a new license file to be created, installed and applied after tomcat restart.

License key

The license key requires online access and can be updated from ApiOmat , e.g. for license extensions. A key may look like


and must be placed directly in the apiomat.yaml file:



Changes in the license can be done online and are applied after tomcat restarts.