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Version 21.11.3

This patch version for the third service release of ApiOmat 21.11 has been released on 15th of June 2023 and contains an update for the following service:

  • ApiOmat Yambas 3.8.3

  • ApiOmat Dashboard 3.8.1

As well as the unchanged versions ApiOmat Dispatcher 1.10.0, Bouncer 1.2.0, Brewer 2.1.1, Executor 1.3.0, Explorer 1.4.0, Gearhead 2.0.0,  Innkeeper 2.2.0, Analytics 1.7.0.

Detailed Explanation of Changes:

Yambas 3.8.3

- FIX: incorrect version guessing on custom rest endpoints

In previous versions, unversioned custom REST endpoints always inferred the latest version of a module, without taking the versions that are attached to the app-backend and their deploystate into account. From now on, the latest version that is attached to the app-backend and is deployed is used.

- FIX: webhosting should not respond with java error message

In previous versions, requests to the webhosting module, including a non-existent system (other than LIVE/STAGING/TEST) had a response that there is no enum constant "nonexistentsystem". To avoid information retrieval, this has been replaced with a more general error, indicating that there was a problem with the "system" parameter.

- FIX: search for null reference doesn't return object if a reference was removed before

If there is a class A with a reference "myRef" to another class B and a new object for class A is created, a search for "myRef == null" will return the object. Afterwards an object of B is then referenced and the reference gets removed again.

In previous versions, another query for "myRef == null" at this state, did not return the object, although it should (as the object has no reference). This has been fixed and the object will be returned.

- FIX: static data with rolecheck and old referenced version lead to model not found

When interacting with a file/image that is referenced to an object which uses custom role checks, then previous versions always took the role check of that module version which the object had set at the time of creating the file/image.

With this update, the role check of that version is used, which is set on the requested objects class (if specifying a module version on the static data endpoints, or inferring the latest deployed version that is attached to the app-backend).

- MAINTENANCE: dependency updates and removal of spring for yambas oauth tokens

Several internal dependencies have been updated. Theres one module related update of swagger-annotations from 1.5.12 to 1.6.10, which is api-compatible and therefore should not break existing modules (especially, as this dependency has a provided scope within the module-poms).

Additionally, the mongodb driver and jackson have been updated, which should not affect existing modules, as their direct use within native modules is strongly discouraged since years as they may lead to potentially unexpected behavior.

The implementation for Yambas OAuth2 Tokens that used the Spring Framework has been replaced with an own implementation that is fully API-compatible with the previous. The datastructure for the tokens at database-level has changed, but all existing tokens will be updated to the new structure during the first start of the new version.

There are no known behavioral changes to the API.

Dashboard 3.8.1

- MAINTENANCE update to PHP8.1

The PHP for the Dashboard has been updated to PHP 8.1. Although previous PHP versions are untested, the Dashboard should still work with PHP versions between 7.3 - 8.1.