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Compliance Manager

Here you can ensure that your app is developed and maintained as a GDPR compliant solution. You can download the ApiOmat Data Processing Agreement and then return it to ApiOmat. The GDPR Checklist helps developers ensure your app, website, chatbots etc. are built and maintained in a GDPR-compliant manner.


In the first tab, you can view amount of total user accounts created in the selected App-Backend and the used disksace of it.


User Data

Under the USER DATA tab, you have access to each user’s personal data. There you can fulfil the standard user requests to view their data, have it deleted as well as the objects created inside your service. You also can download all user data as a json-file, delete users and delete users with all owned data.


When editing the user data, you can select classes and filter the data with queries.


Here you can edit, delete and filter data rows which were created by the specific user or which are owned by them.

Download the ApiOmat Data Processing Agreement and GDPR checklist

Both files can be accessed over the last two tabs in the compliance manager page: