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This patch version for the second service release of ApiOmat 21.11 has been released on 18th August 2022 and contains an update for the following service:

  • ApiOmat Dispatcher 1.10.0

As well as the unchanged versions ApiOmat Yambas 3.8.2, Dashboard 3.8.0, Bouncer 1.2.0, Brewer 2.1.1, Executor 1.3.0, Explorer 1.4.0, Gearhead 2.0.0,  Innkeeper 2.2.0, Analytics 1.7.0.

This version contains a security fix for a vulnerability in the underlying spring cloud gateway (CVE-2022-22947). We urgently recommend updating to this version or, if that isn't possible for some reason, set the management.endpoint.gateway.enabled to false in your application.yaml of dispatcher.





Dispatcher: Update underlying spring cloud gateway

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