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Version 20.03.2

The second service release for Apiomat 20.03 is released in the first week of November 2020. It consists of

  • ApiOmat Yambas 3.5.2

  • ApiOmat Dashboard 3.5.2

  • and the unchanged components (compared to ApiOmat 20.03.01): ApiOmat Analytics 1.6.1, ApiOmat Explorer 1.1.3, ApiOmat Brewer 1.1.0, ApiOmat Dispatcher 1.2.1, ApiOmat Executor 1.0.0, ApiOmat Innkeeper 1.0.0, ApiOmat Gearhead 1.0.0 and ApiOmat Instructor 1.4.0

This service release contains minor bug fixes for the CSV and Push Module as well as other minor improvements.

See the changelog below for further details.

Remarkable Changes

Remarkable changes do not affect system stability after ApiOMat upgrade, but may require changes in configuration, apps, or modules in the next development cycle.




Consul registration

We have added a scheduled job to check if YAMBAS is (still) registered to Consul, and re-register it if not.

This job is deactivated by default. You can activate it by setting a specific application property.

Please note that this job does not work if you are using a Consul cluster, as YAMBAS may be registered in a different node.

To activate the job, set the application property common.consul.health.registrationCheckInterval to a positive integer, which will be the job interval (e.g. a value of 5 means the job will be executed once every five minutes).

All changes in the current and previous versions can be found at the root page.

All deprecations and their removal date can be found at Deprecations and Migration.